clasped weft denim
hollywood denim
striped denim
When your favorite old jeans can no longer be worn in public, you can still enjoy their comfort underfoot. Rag rugs made of denim have a special charm and character that will brighten any room.

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The old standby -- blue jeans and flannel shirts. When woven with the clasped-weft technique, this country favorite has an urban flavor.
The multi-colored warp in these rugs give the denim weft a different shading. The pattern is called "Hollywood" and the ground warp is brown and green with blue and white side borders.
Using black and white warp in the Kentucky Mountain threading creates a rug with a light side and a dark side.
The varous shades of four pair of jeans show as wide stripes in this rug. The legs were cut spirally, leaving the seams in to create texture.
Denim Rugs
diamond denim
Using a point twill threading and treadling creates a sculpted look to this square denim rug.